The Agricultural and Rural Development Scholarship (ARDS) is a scholarship program created on October 10, 1977 by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 1209 (PD 1209). The scholarship is offered to deserving but needy students through the UPLB Learning Resource Center (LRC). The program supports national agricultural and rural development efforts by training students to become drivers and implementers of agricultural and rural development in the least developed regions of the Philippines. For over 40 years, ARDS has produced scholars who are now influential leaders in all sectors of society.

In the furtherance of the above goals, the Agricultural and Rural Development Scholarship, Incorporated (ARDS, Inc.) was established on January 2019. ARDS, Inc. is a non-profit organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is composed of members, who are either previous graduates, recipients or supporters of the ARDS program. As part of its stated goals, ARDS, Inc. supplements existing ARDS funds provided through PD 1209. Through this funding support, ARDS, Inc. embarks on a targeted search to recruit the most deserving ARD scholars or grantees based on academic excellence and merits, financial needs and agreement to ARDS scholarship terms and conditions. The succeeding sections describe the financial support, terms, qualifications and other pertinent information about the program.


Stipend during semesters including required summer sessions (Php 3,500 per month)

Book/internet/school supplies allowance (Php 2,000 per semester)

Medical allowance (not more than Php 2,000 per semester)

Annual travel and transportation allowance to cover the actual cost of one round trip from UPLB to home and back via the cheapest means of transportation. Reimbursement will be provided upon submission of receipts/documents as required by government accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

Thesis/major practice allowance (Php 28,000). The thesis/major practice grant will be given upon submission of a copy of a Form 5 showing enrollment in a thesis/major practice course/subject.

Summer Bridge Program, tutorials, counselling sessions, seminars and trainings


Must pass the UP College Admission Application (Application deadline: Feb 15, 2021, separate application to UP)

Applicant must belong to top ten percent of the graduating class from national public schools. (Note: Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are not included.)

Must belong to a family with financial difficulties

Must be a resident of the following target provinces: Apayao, Isabela, Catanduanes, Masbate, Sorsogon, Negros Oriental, Siquijor, Samar – Eastern, Northern, Western), Zamboanga del Norte, Bukidnon, Lanao del Norte, Cotabato Province, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, Sulu, Surigao del Norte, Agusan del Sur)

Must be willing to render return service focused on community improvement after completion of degree


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  1. Admission to any Bachelor’s degree in UPLB.
  1. The ARDS financial support is intended to supplement total university expenses. Other scholarship support is allowed in addition to the ARDS scholarship.
  1. A monthly stipend of Php 3,500 will be awarded provided an average grade of not lower than 2.5 in every school semester is maintained.
  • Financial support will not be provided for the following semester should average grade requirement of 2.5 is not met during the preceding semester. In addition, there should not be any failing grade during the preceding semester. Scholarship stipend can be regained for the immediate succeeding semester once the grade requirement is met. See details below.
  1. The financial support is for regular semesters. However, summer support will be provided if a summer session is required in the curriculum, or a justification is provided.
  1. A course subject may be dropped during a regular semester provided that the minimum regular semestral load (or 15 units) of required courses is met. If dropping a subject or subjects results in underloading based on the curriculum unit requirements, the stipend may be withdrawn for that semester unless sufficient justification, such as health reasons and other unforeseen circumstances for underloading is provided.
  1. The following grade-related items are grounds for suspension from the scholarship:
  • a. Failing grades of F or 5.0 even if the 2.5 average for the semester is met.
  • b. Failure to clear a grade 4.0 or incomplete (INC) within the school year.
  • c. Grade of U or F for courses adopting a grading system of Unsatisfactory/Satisfactory and Pass/Fail.
  1. Reinstatement to the scholarship may be considered but can only be extended once to the same individual.
  • a. A general average of 2.5 or better in a 15-unit or more course work in the semester prior to the proposed reinstatement is achieved.
  • b. Conditional or failing grades have been removed/passed.
  1. A leave of absence (LOA) due to sickness and other unforeseen, justifiable circumstances is allowed once. Stipend and any other support will be discontinued during the LOA period. Reinstatement to the scholarship program will require presentation of the Official Registration Form for the semester when the grantee returns.
  1. A change in curricular program is allowed only no later than the first semester of the second year and is subject to approval by the Scholarship Committee of ARDS, Inc. However, this does not reset or extend scholarship support.
  1. Should the ARDS, Inc. scholar (in good standing with the ARDS) decide to transfer to another university including those in the UP system, all expenses of the scholarship + 10% interest per annum in connection with the scholarship should be reimbursed within one year.
  1. If the ARDS, Inc. finds any violations of University rules or requirements (falsification of grades and other documents, fraudulent acts or misrepresentations, and any other egregious or illegal activities), upon recommendation of University disciplinary tribunal under Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs, financial support will be discontinued.
  1. While on scholarship the grantee is strongly encouraged to perform community service or volunteer work in coordination with ARDS, Inc.
  1. After completion of the degree, the grantee is strongly encouraged to perform return service equivalent to the half of the time to finish the degree.



Completed ARD scholarship application form.


Official certification of top 10% of the graduating class from High School Head.


Recent Form 137 report card


Documentation showing family’s annual income (Income tax return, BIR certificate of exemption, certificate from Barangay Captain, DSWD or equivalent)


UPCAA (UP College Admission Application) or admission notice, if available


Essay describing family background, achievements, career plans, and rationale for why applicant is deserving of the ARD scholarship (in English)


Essay describing vision and commitment on how applicant can give back or help own community after graduation